P-gp inhibitor database

The P-gp inhibitor database includes 1302 molecules which have the P-gp inhibition data: 797 molecular are P-gp inhibitors and the others are P-gp non-inhibitors. These data were collected from 104 literatures.

Download the databases:

1. The database with 1302 molecules used in reference [1]

Note: All the above files are password protected when compressed by using Winzip. Sign the license file and apply for the passwd from the ADME group.

License file download: license.pdf or license.doc


[1]. Lei Chen, Youyong Li, Qin Zhao, Hui Peng, Tingjun Hou, ADME Evaluation in Drug Discovery. 10. Predictions of P-Glycoprotein Inhibitors using Recursive Partitioning and Naïve Bayesian Classification Techniques, submitted.

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