MORT: Molecular Objects and Relevant Templates

Molecular Objects and Relevent Objects (MORT) is a C++ library for all kinds
of chemical operations. It is used to replace the old molecular handling template library (MHTL). MORT is used by sleap and gleap as a foundation. Sleap will be released in 2008 as a new module in AMBER10. The logS prediction model developed by Hou and coworkers is also developed based on MORT. So when you download the logS prediction model, you will get the testing version of MORT. It should be noted that the MORT will be formally relased in AMBER10.

Download: Included in the logS prediction model

Operation system: Linux


[1]. Wei Zhang, Tingjun Hou, Xuebin Qiao, Xiaojie Xu, Some basic data structures and algorithms for chemical generic programming, Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 2004, 44, 1571-1575. [html] [PDF]

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